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lyrics/chords: higurashi no naku koro ni kai (game) theme song - you

this is the first entry of my song/chord series.

first up is the theme song "you" aka "dear you" from the higurashi no naku koro ni series.

it was originally on the soundtrack to the 2nd half of the original games - higurashi no naku koro ni kai - the original "answer chapters"

i actually first heard the song (as i mentioned previously) on the nico nico douga ryuuseigun medley song, and that's how i found the higurashi series (which is one of my favorites now...) anyway...

the song is in a Db Major (or C# enharmonically...)

the chords are extremely simple - it simply has 4 chords that repeat, each chord having half a measure
[Bbm7 GbM7] [Ab7 DbM7]

the simplicity of the music really brings out the singing and lyrics, which itself is quite simple. this lends itself to the buildup to the last section which brings a "uh what just happened" feeling to your soul. the 7's give the song a very airy feeling as well.

i'm not sure why, but i like that off-beat percussion accompanying the even lighter portions of the song.

the amazing thing is, this being a doujin game, the soundtrack (for the answer arcs) was doujin as well. the composer for most of the game was dai, and yuzuki provides the vocals for this song and "thanks". i think it was those two.

lyrics/translation taken from
could not find the kanji - only the romaji and english translation.

[Bbm7 GbM7] [Ab7 DbM7]
Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka?
Kono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka?
Where are you now, what are you doing?
Are you in this endless sky?
Ima made watashi no kokoro wo umete ita mono
Ushinatte hajimete kizuita
Konna ni mo watashi wo sasaete kurete ita koto
Konna ni mo egao wo kureteita koto
I realized for the first time 
I've lost the things that have filled my heart till now
How much you supported me
How much you made me smile
Ushinatte shimatta daishou wa totetsumonaku ooki sugite
Torimodosou to hisshi ni te wo nobashite mogaku keredo
Maru de kaze no you ni surinukete todokisou de todokanai
That I'd lost them was too much to consider
Even though I struggled so desperately to reach out my hand and take them back
Like the wind they slipped through, looking as though they would reach me, but did not
Kodoku to zetsubou ni mune wo shimetsukerare
Kokoro ga kowaresou ni naru keredo
Omoide ni nokoru anata no egao ga
Watashi wo itsumo hagemashite kureru
My chest was tightened by loneliness and despair
My heart felt like it would break
But your smiling face remained in my memories
Always encouraging me
Mou ichido ano koro ni modorou
Kondo wa kitto daijoubu
Itsumo soba de waratteiyou
Anata no sugu soba de...
Let's return to those days once more
I know it will be alright this time
Always smiling at your side
Close by your side
Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka,
Kono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka?
Itsumo no you ni egao de ite kuremasu ka?
Ima wa tada sore wo negai tsuzukeru.
Where are you now, what are you doing?
Are you in this endless sky?
Will you smile for me like always?
Right now, it's all I continue to ask for
Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka,
Kono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka?
Where are you now, what are you doing?
Are you in this endless sky?

apparently there is a "dear you" image album in which there are 4 alternate versions of the song, sung by the voice actresses of rena, mion, satoko, and rika, each with different arrangements and lyrics. my, my. this is why this world is so interesting and exciting.

there is also a version on the image album for the kai games "you-visionen im spiegel" which has the same lyrics as the original, also sung by yuzuki, but with different arrangement.

so now i'm going to play along to this song for a bit and get chills while listening to this song.

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